First named Turtle Creek Park, it was renamed Reverchon Park after Julien Reverchon (1837–1905) . A well-known botanist and a member of La Reunion Utopian Community, Reverchon had collected more than 2,600 species and 20,000 specimens of Texas plants prior to his death in 1905.

Since its beginnings, many modifications have been made to the park.  In the early1920s, people from across Texas traveled to Reverchon Park to experience the mythical healing powers of water from the Gill Well.

In 1924, the grandstand was erected, and the ballpark gained the reputation as the best baseball field in the city. The same year, fountains were installed to provide well water to local residents.

During the 1920s and 1930s, improvements 
such as the Iris Bowl, landscaping, picnic areas, baseball diamond, playground equipment and tennis courts transformed the park into a site of many celebrations, including Fourth of July and Juneteenth.

In 1951, Reverchon Park expanded to 46 acres. In 1975, the Reverchon Recreation Center opened, offering a variety of indoor recreational activities. In 2002, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and the City of Dallas built a state-of-the-art playground accessible to children of all levels of ability. Timeline:

1915: The park is founded on "Woodchuck Hill," straddling Turtle Creek. 

1920: The ballpark opens.

(Source: Dallas Municipal Archives)

1935-1937:The Works Progress Administration adds a sunken Iris Bowl, stonework and other improvements. Ballpark lights go up.

(Source: Wikipedia)

The park is expanded from 36 to 46 acres.

1953:Cleveland Indians and the New York Giants played an exhibition featuring the Giants great Willie Mays and the Indians' great pitching tandem of Bob Feller and Bob Lemon. 

1957: Love Field light restrictions required lighting to be lowered. 

1970s: Southern Methodist University Baseball team uses Reverchon as Home field while new field is being built.

1980s & 90s:As city maintenance funds dry up and visitors turn away, the park becomes a haven for crime. 

1998: 400 volunteers participate in the first cleanup.

2002: Hundreds of orthopedic surgeons in town for a conference build a playground in a single day.

2005: Friends of Reverchon Park is established, and the group drafts a master plan for the park. 

2007: Lights at the baseball field are upgraded to collegiate standards.

2008:A ramp is built connecting the park to the Katy Trail.

2010: The Iris Bowl is restored and replanted. Partnership with Dallas Mavericks to plant "Trees for Threes".

2011: Hillside stonework restoration starts. 

2013: Hillside stonework restoration completed.

75th Anniversary of the Iris Bowl
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It's My Park Day


Red, White and Boom on the Bridge


Carry The Load Memorial March to Reverchon