Gettin' Down and Dirty - Dirt Cheap Yoga at Reverchon Rec.

In the Park } Dec/11/2011 | Comments (0)

Photo: DCY Monday Teacher Meredith McQuiston

Once again Reverchon surprises!  Friends! Dirt Cheap Yoga (DCY) has set up shop at our favorite park.

Currently every Monday and Wednesday you can find "inexpensive and/or free yoga classes, promote the cheap and free yoga classes taught by others, provide a venue for yogis (yoga students and instructors) to give back to the community and support existing charities and programs" according to their mission.

DCY is accomplishes this mission by collecting charitable contributions from individuals and companies will be used to offer free yoga classes to adults, and children who cannot afford them, offering yoga classes at a discount for those who can afford low-cost yoga and granting free yoga teaching instruction for individuals who wish to teach yoga, particularly those who wish to teach to minority groups.

DCY is Spanish friendly too!

To find out more about this unique approach to the promotion of yogic principals (compassion, truthfulness, integrity, sensitivity, and moderation) go to and if the spirit moves, send them some financial support.

Compiled by Friends of Reverchon Park

Photos Copyright (2010) Dirt Cheap Yoga
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